Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Those Video Guys 1st Anniversary Video

To celebrate our 1st anniversary of doing shows, here's a video of some of our friends that we made over the last year.

Thanks to everyone who took part both in front of and behind the camera.

Here's to Year Two - CHEERS EVERYONE! Sean and Elisar

The channels featured on this video: - Girl Parts - Cheek TV - The Guild - The Further Adventures of Cupid & Eros - Spellfury - Raptured - Rex Sikes' Movie Beat - The Best Sellers - Anyone But Me - Leah Hather's Film Reviews - Invention With Brian Forbes - Fresh Hell - The Dirty Do Gooders - Barry Aldridge Real Name No Gimmicks - Bandwagon - Vampire Zombie Werewolf - Broken Toy - Eye On Entertainment - Zomblogalypse - The People That Touch Your Food - Yoz Creative - The Dyton Brothers - Nat And Marie - Unlocked - Adam Rifkin - Absolute Twoddle - eScape - Aidan 5 - The Best Friend

and of course our very own channels:

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